How do we handle the brokenness in our lives and the lives of others? Can there be joy in heartache? Is there hope for the future, and how do we find it? After seeking what wholeness in a broken world looks like last year, Summit 2019 will use the Psalms to explore the answers to these questions.

Gather with us Sorrow, Hope, and Joy: Life in the Mountains and Valleys of the Psalms, as we explore what it means to live out the Psalms and transition between each stage throughout our lives. We hope to see you September 15-18 at Abilene Christian University.

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Each pathway devotes a full day (or half day) to a specific topic. Our hope is that, as you lean fully into one or more pathway, you’ll experience a sense of community with fellow pathway travelers, gaining spiritual insights and engaging in meaningful conversation along the way.

Siburt Institute at ACU

Summit is part of the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry, which seeks to equip and serve church leaders and other Christ-followers for God’s mission in the world.

Both Summit and the Siburt Institute are ministries of Abilene Christian University.